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Gunsmithing Price List

Basic Shop Fees

  • Basic Shop Rate: $85 per Hour
  • Diagnosing $45
  • Disassembled firearms “bag-o-gun” will incur a min $85 charge for evaluation.
  • All prices are labor only

Barrel Service

  • Remove stuck fired case $50
  • Remove bore obstruction $50
  • Remove live round $99

Gun Cleaning

  • Field strip and clean $45
  • Deep Clean Service $95

AR-15 & Semi-Auto Rifles

  • SCOPE MOUNTING: $85…Mount, level, and boresight scope.
  • CHANGE HAND-GUARD, STANDARD: $55-$140… Price depending on the configuration of handguard and rifle.
  • TRIGGER INSTALLATION: $45…Install trigger group.
  • ADD BARREL: $100


  • ACTION JOB: $140-$180…Includes disassembly, inspection, cleaning, polishing all internals, adjusting and tuning trigger springs, lubricate, reassembly function test, and test firing.
  • SIGHT INSTALLATION: $35-$120…Includes removal of factory sight and replacement with aftermarket sights.
  • GRIP CHANGE: $20…Includes removal of grip and installation of new grips.

1911 Pistols

  • SIGHT INSTALLATION: $55-$95…Includes removal of factory sights and installation of replacement sights. If changing from fixed to adjustable sights, machining is required, and a price will be quoted. Does not include sights
  • ACTION WORK: $120-$160…Includes disassembly, inspection, cleaning, polishing internals, tune and adjust springs, lubrication, reassembly, function test, and test-fired.
  • BARREL WORK: $40-$50…Feed ramp polishing.

Semi-Auto Pistols

  • SIGHT INSTALLATION: $35-$65…Includes removal of factory sights and installation of replacement sights. Prices vary due to fitting that may be required.
  • ACTION WORK: $120-$140…Includes disassembly, cleaning, polishing internals, installation of trigger kit, lubricate, reassemble, function test, and test fire. (Prices vary based on the complexity of the trigger kit.)
  • BARREL CHANGE: $75-$125…Includes disassembly, inspection, fit barrel, lubricate, reassemble, function test, and test fire. (Price varies depending on the amount of fitting required.)


Cleaning prices may be increased, based on heavy fouling and/or rust. Prices are for labor only. The pricing given is general and may vary. All pricing is subject to change without notice. 

  • We reserve the right to refuse any firearm work or work that we deem would render a firearm unsafe.
  • We DO NOT remove or deactivate any firearm safeties.
  • Parts installed with thread locker will incur an additional removal charge.
  • Firearms left over 15 days will incur a $10 per week storage fee.
  • Firearms left for repairs may only be picked up by the customer whose name is on the claim check. (NO exceptions). Lost claim checks will result in a $12 fee.

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